Critique NOLA movies

You must evaluate movies that your classmates produced about NOLA. You will use this format to judge their work.

Commenting about someone’s podcast/vodcast/movie

Dear <First Name of Videomaker>

What I noticed most about, “<Exact Title of the Video>< Your movie> ,” was <… Add 2 or 3 sentences describing what stands out for you and why.>

When I saw/heard <describe one photo or the music that stood out for you>” I was thinking <report what was going on in your head the first time you were watching this part of the video.> I think this is <descriptive adjective> because… <Add 1 or 2 sentences explaining why you chose this picture.>

Another one of the <sections of the video / images> that I <strong verb> was where <Describe this section of the video in detail.> This stood out for me because <… Add 1 or 2 sentences.>

I <do/don’t> <like/dislike, agree/disagree that> <… Summarize something from the  that you have an opinion about.> One reason I say this is<… Explain in 1 or 2 sentences.> Another reason I <agree/disagree with you> <like/dislike your video> is <… Give another reason in a couple of sentences.>

<End your response in a nice way… by thanking the videomaker for his/her work and saying why you might want to see more from this young videomaker. Why might you want to see his/her thoughts again in the future?>