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Desert Island Dilemma

by on Dec.09, 2010, under Blogging

Question: If you knew you would be stranded on a desert island for 1 year, which 5 objects would you bring with you?

Description: Keep in mind that there is NO electricity on the island! Choose your objects carefully then explain your choices in a short paragraph. Once you have completed your selections and posted your explanation, read and respond to at least 3 peers.

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  • steve

    5 things i would bring is lots and lots of water,a month worth of food that don’t need to be in the refrigerator, alot of clothes, deodorant/lotion,a cellphone or a ak47 with 3 extra clips locked and loaded for protection.

  • victor

    If I was on a deserted Island I would have had a girl with me.I would try my best to find a way to surive.I would make a tent to live in.I would find food and fresh water to drink.I would also so bring cloths to wear.

  • Jaleel

    If I where to be on a island stranded I’ll have to learn how to swim,hunt,and fish. That’ll be the only way to take care of myself. It’ll be very paramount to bring at least some clothes for different changes in the weather,food for my strenght,and things to bring for my thirst. I guess I wouldn’t trust anybody at anytime the hold year I’ll be there.

  • cherie


    If i could meet one famous person, i would meet WIZ KHALIFA. We would talk about music, smokingg, and cloths!
    His current occupation is being a rapper and smoker. i would want to meet him because he like music , like me. he like to SMOKE, and he got swagg and like CLOTHS! I would ask him to smoke with me, what his favorite stores to shopp at and when he first started coming out!

  • jaymalisa

    If i knew I was going to be on a deserted island for a year I would be shocked. How would I live on a deserted island without any items. I would want to bring my whole house but I am not able to. I would bring an ice chest full of food and ice, my mom, undies, and a tent.

  • Courtney

    If I was on a desert Island for year it would be batteries, a lot of food and water, my family, clothes, and flashlights. I would bring batteries because there would be no electricity. I would bring my family because I would’t want to be only on a desert Islands. Futhermore I would bring a flashlight because it would be very dark at night. However I would bring food and water so we could stay alive. In conclusion, I would hopefully survive.

  • cherie


    If i knew i would be stranded on a deserted island for one year , and had five items to bring with me. i would bring an emergency box of things filled with things i use a lot. A loaded gun for protection. One year supply of food and drink so i can survive. My mom to help me. My dad to help us find our way around and try to find our way home!

  • La'Sheika

    If I was on a desert island and only had to bring 5 things, I would bring things I really needed. I would bring a generator, a radio, a bed, a lifetime supply of food and water, and gas. With these things, I would be able to survive on my own. These are the important things I need.

  • keith

    If i was stuck on an Desert Island i would take my lil brother with me.I would try my best to find a way to surive.I would make a tent to live in.I would find food and fresh water to drink.I would also so bring cloths to wear.

  • ernisha

    Deserted Island

    If I knew I would be stranded on a deserted island for 1 year, which 5 objects would you bring and why?

    I would bring emergency kit, food , water , flashlights, and a gun to hunt for food because I would be on an island by myself & I would need food & water to survive and stay healthy. I would need a gun to hunt for extra food for when the other food run & emergency kit in case of emergencies or if I get hurt or injured. I would need flashlights when it gets dark to make sure nothing jumps out to get me.

  • germaine

    If I could bring 5 things with me it would be a gun,food,family,clothes,and water. I would bring a gun for safty. I would bring food so i wouldn’t have to be hungry. Clothes so i could build things with them or wear. MY family because they or the most inportant thing to me. Last i would bring water so i wouldn’t go thirsty

  • Diamond

    If I was going to a deserted island I would bring a gun filled with bullets. I would also bring a year supply of food, my family, clothes and my toothbrush.

  • devin

    If i was stranded on a desert island for a year with no electricity it would be hared. Iwould need to bring more then five things. But sense Ionly could pick five things i would bring year supply food & water. Three other things i would bring are a gun bullets and Vicki. Thats the five things i will bring.

  • dante

    If I was for 1 year, I would bring :a solar power watch, a huge boat, year supply of food, a machete, and a first aid kit.The watch would help me keep up with how long i been there on the island.I need year supply of food,so i wont die.A boat to get off the island. I would need a first aid kit and I machete to kill animal that try to kill me.

  • Mark L.

    If I was on an island…I would bring:
    2 or 3 years of food and drink
    A generator with alot of gas
    Building materil to build a house
    My electronics

  • steve

    If I were strained on a desert island I would bring the following 5 items:
    1. Several cases of searations and water.
    2. Some solar lights.
    3. Lighter fluid.
    4. Clothing and personal supplies.
    5. A gun for protection

  • Anthoneshea

    If i was stranded on a desert island I would bring a toothbrush , so i can brush my teeth. I would bring a year supply of water , a year supply of food , changing clothes , and I would bring my bestfriend so i wont have to be alone.

  • Danielle

    If I was on a deserted island what are the most important things that i would bring?

    I would bring….

    *Some clothes

    *Tons of food

    *Gun for protection

    *Tons of stuff to drink

    *Toothbrush &’ Toothpaste

  • Tasherra

    If I had to bring five things with me to a deserted island it would be:1.Food, so I will not go hungry as much.2.Weapons, so I can defend myself and I won’t get killed.3.Soap and personal items, so I won’t get bored or dirty.

    4.Clothes so I can change into clean ones.5. My brother, Jackie, my friend Raven, and my other friend who-must-not-be-named-because-I-don’t-want-others-to-know-only-me. :)Therefore, I will be ready and prepared for the stay at the island

  • echo

    I would bring a survival knife, firestarter, water purification tablets, gun|ammo, rope.

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